KeepActive : Small Bore Rifle for senior citizens and older people in and around Inverness in Scotland
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The list which follows shows the name, venue and contact details for 1 organisation whose activities include "Small Bore Rifle" in Inverness and the surrounding area listed alphabetically within towns. Please refer to the list on the left hand side of the page for other types of activity.

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Inverness : Clachnacuddin Small Bore Rifle Club, Various Locations Click for contact details
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The club has an outdoor and indoor range as well as a clubhouse. The club can provide access to all the equipment that is needed to take up .22 target shooting - rifles, ammunition, shooting jackets, gloves etc, together with basic training.

Membership of a rifle club is governed by a strict set of laws so club address is not shown. Before attending the club to shoot (or handling any weapons in the club) you require a police check. So prior to attending the club they need to know who you are, and to send off a form to the local Police Firearms Unit.

If you want to visit the club with a view to becoming a member please send an email including your postal address and - if possible - a land-line telephone number that can be validated via directory enquiries - on your first contact.

On receipt they will send you a link to a web-form that collects the necessary infomation to complete the application.

Meeting Times
   Monday : 1900 to 2200
   Wednesday : 1900 to 2200
   Thursday : 1900 to 2200

   The club can take small numbers of new members at anytime throughout the year.
   In September (prior to the winter season starting) there is an intensive induction course run by the club for a group of new-starts/beginners.
   The outdoor range is used more heavily in the Summer (April to Spetember)
   Not known

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